About Me

Hi Everyone and welcome to my website. Here I write about the joys and trials of living with three people under four feet tall - visiting preschool, potty training (okay, there's a lot about potty training. It's an ongoing trial and probably a very good how not to do it warning. sigh.) and little kid growing into big kids.

But the theme of the blog is things that give me joy (and sometimes don't), so I share the other things that are going on in my life - like my books (yay!), my mother growing older (not yay), running and the big changes and the little things in our daily life.

When I'm not writing or doing any of the above, I love to sew and surf Pinterest.com and get more ideas for things I would like to make.  My sewing machine is no longer haunted, but does have some other issues, so I need my husband to fix it before I can tackle any projects. (He'd better hurry. Halloween is only a week a way and my son wants to be an Allosaurus.  I have no idea how I will accomplish that.)

Thank you so much for stopping by.  Hope you have a chance to sit back and enjoy the posts.