Friday, November 4, 2011

The Amazing Train Whistle

I've been holding off on visiting the twins' preschool class because they can be very shy. We've spent many a play-date with them clinging to my legs while the Little One pulls my fingers out of joint. I'd hoped giving them some time to get used to the school routine would give them more independence when I did volunteer in their classroom.

Their birthday was this past week so I decided to visit on my daughter's special day. (Each student has a chance to be the teacher's special helper as well as bring the snack and something for show and tell.) My daughter was so excited to be the special person. She glowed from ear to ear when she was telling everyone about her soccer ball and picking out names for people to line up for snack.

Even after going to school for two months, they were still somewhat clingy to me and to each other. My son even more than my daughter. They did play independently at times which gave me a chance to learn some of the other children's names.

 The most amazing part of the day to me was pick up time. At home, this is a long, arduous task. Children so filled with energy they are literally bouncing off the wall suddenly become too tired to move. Toys they haven't played with in months need to be kept out of the toy box because they were playing with them. Their usual mess can take more than thirty minutes even with a lot of adult help. At school, their teacher blows a whistle and they scramble to pick up toys, even organizing them which I have tried in vain to do.  It was absolutely shocking. Someday, as well as learning letters and numbers, these skills will migrate home.

But in case I was worried that they had somehow been body-snatched somewhere in the school, they reverted to their normal selves as soon as we returned home.

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