Wednesday, November 2, 2011

What I think about when I'm pulling weeds

Some people can't wait to garden, to dig their hands in the dirt and encounter worms and slugs and a multitude of other creepy crawlies. Oh wait, they hope to plant bulbs and seeds and nurture them into healthy plants. I cringe at creepy crawlies and wear gloves for the majority of my gardening.

I suppose people like gardening because they enjoy being with nature and its cycles. I'm usually wishing my husband was pulling weeds instead of me.

This isn't to say I don't enjoy flowers and having all the blooms around the yard. In fact, this year has been pretty good for our yard. We replaced the sagging, gray fence and the annuals actually flourished instead of drying up into bug-or-bunny chomped stems. Even the ones in the front yard, which don't get enough sun or get yanked out by passers-by. Our street is fairly busy for our small town and mostly what I think about while pulling weeds in the front is all the people that have to look at my butt as they pass. Let's hope most people focus on the road.


  1. LOL, I enjoy gardening becvause it's the one time i get to do something without being lectured on how to do it! And the plants don't answer back :-)

  2. I usually have three helpers asking which weeds to pull next after they've ripped the flowers of the plants. So it's definitely not quiet. :-)

  3. I'm kind of an accidental gardener...I throw things in willy-nilly and see what happens. I'm always surprised by how well things turn out! For a wannabe-farmer, I guess that's probably not the best approach, but it seems to work for me! :)


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