Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Someone else's treasures

My house is full of them. I'm hoping people will come looking for them at our garage sale.

I've never done a garage sale before and didn't realize how much work it took to put one together.  The sorting things, the tagging things and the pricing.  Finding flat surfaces to arrange things on.  Sneaking toys out without the kids seeing them. Hurrying my husband's things out before he changes his mind.

We've got baby clothes and toys and furniture galore to go through.  It's really sad how little some of the baby clothes get used.  My son went through a growth spurt and almost skipped wearing 3-6 months sizes. My daughter's clothes got a second use with the Little One but we still have boxes and boxes of clothes they've outgrown.  Much of the Little One's clothes are going straight from the laundry to the garage sale pile.  Her warmer clothes are getting small and definitely won't fit when the weather gets cooler.

Hopefully someone else will discover these treasures amidst our junk. :-)


  1. I was going to have a yard sale but then I remembered what a hassle it was. I gave all my daughter's clothes (3 years worth) to a widower with a little girl. I gave all the other stuff to the Goodwill.

    And the only reason I did, was because I only made like $50. I wanted $200. and to me, it wasn't worth the two days, set-up, and break down. I hope you make tons of moolah.

  2. It is way more work than I thought. My thumb hurts from peeling the masking tape for labels. We'll probably stick with Goodwill after this. It's a lot less work. :-)


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