Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Sunshine and Spring

I love these purple and white ones.
I have some deep purple ones, but they aren't open yet.
These have been moved around several times. 
I had them along a walkway and
they kept getting whacked off. 
Now they're in a landscaping bed and reasonably
safe until the sprinklers need to be adjusted.

Not a tulip,
but the only flower
I can grow easily.
Primroses.  Also not a tulip,
but they're really colorful.
Following Dutch tradition, I must have tulips in my yard. I'm not particularly good at cultivating them, but I have managed to get a few to grow. Generally I'm lucky if I get them in the ground before mid-April and my husband doesn't decide to pile something where they're planted or dig up that area in order to put sprinklers in or rearrange the landscaping. I've finally convinced him not to whack off the leaves and stems as soon as the petals fall and not the bulbs are coming back and producing beautiful flowers.

I can't imagine what happened to this flower.

I think these are double tulips. They are really pretty. 
They just barely escaped the menacing
hands in an earlier picture. 

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