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Fridays off the Wall with Phoebe Matthews

Today, I'm welcoming Phoebe Matthews to Fridays Off the Wall. Phoebe writes urban fantasy, steampunk and a vampire series. She sounds like a busy woman.  Her latest book is Vampire Career

Joselyn: What is the most adventurous thing you’ve done?

First off let me explain that I have been dragged kicking and complaining around the world because basically, I am an armchair traveler, love reading about distant places, HATE the actual traveling part of travel. Much of that is obvious in my romantic suspense novel, My Deja Vu Lover, which features a girl who is terrified of car travel. So my most adventurous trip was a two week stay in beautiful Thailand Somehow, after 17 hours of flying to get there, I adapted to riding on tuktuks, the back of a truck, river boats, all worth it to see the amazing temples, gardens, mountainsides covered with wild poinsettias and on and on. Loved it.

Joselyn: Wow!  That is brave, especially if you hate to travel.  Good for you. What is the most unexpected thing that has happened in one of your books?  As in you didn’t expect it to happen until you wrote it?

I do careful outlines plots and events. However, as the personality of a character grows, I often hit a spot where I think, oh, she wouldn’t react that way. And I leave the problem to wander around in my subconscious and probably every reader knows what happens next. I wake in the middle of the night knowing exactly what the heroine would do. The scene that surprised me most was in Vampire Career when the car broke down on a backroad and the vampire came up with a solution that surprised her as much as it surprised me.

Joselyn: Ooh, sounds interesting. If your main character could invite anyone to dinner (fictional or otherwise), who would it be?

Oh dear, we are talking about a vampire here and she is basically a nice girl who tries hard not to think of people as food. Inviting the food to dinner is a bit embarrassing.

Joselyn: Ha ha! That would be problematic and probably rude. Do you have any characters who keep bugging you for their own book? Will you give them one?
All of my characters are me-me-me folk and want their own books but I keep telling them they have to share. The guys are greedier than the girls. In my Mudflat series Rock Decko is perhaps the pushiest, and wouldn’t you think a secondary character who is pretty much a small-time crook would want to keep a low profile? You’d be wrong.

Joselyn: Sounds like you have some very strong characters.  They must keep your stories humming.  What one thing would make your writing space perfect?

My writing space is near the kitchen but as a non-cook, what I need to make my space perfect is the scent of an apple pie being lifted out of the oven by one of my heroes. Huggable Tarvik in the Mudflat series is the best cook. Handsome Paul, a secondary character in the Sunspinner series, is a gourmet chef, never bakes anything as plain as apple pie. The cute guy in Vampire Career is pretty much limited to making sandwiches but face it, a vampire doesn’t need a boyfriend who cooks. So I guess what would make my writing space perfect would be Tarvik in my kitchen. Besides, I have a thing for short guys, but that’s another topic for another time.

More about Vampire Career: 
Newly turned vampire Georgia can deal with the “dead all day” part, but she wishes the rest of her new lifestyle came with a training manual. Despite all the legends, she definitely can’t turn into a bat at night and finding a vein to suck doesn't come easy. Luckily, she's got a new boyfriend willing to help her. Unluckily, her self-control is a bit shaky.

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Thank you so much Phoebe for stopping by!

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