Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Our regularly scheduled sleep

The little one has decided that regular naps and sleeping through the night is overrated.

We are now lucky if she sleeps an hour and a half in the afternoon.  She always wakes up grumpy - well, for her. (She's generally pretty pleasant.) It's not really that bad, but the twins are out of sorts between their rest-time and supper time.  Any shortage of rest multiplies the disgruntledness of the household.

The little one has never been fond of sleeping through the night, but after a few weeks of reprieve, she has renewed her ability to wake up within five minutes of me either climbing into bed or falling asleep.  We'd hoped she'd outgrown the habit.  Unfortunately, a cold and teething brought it back into her repertoire.

Some days it would be so nice to have an easy button that programs their sleep schedules to the amount of sleep they need rather than the amount of sleep they get.  Or programs to the amount of sleep I think they need. Even better.

I suppose I would have to use it on myself as well.

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