Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Leaving the Door Wide Open

This morning I did something really dumb.  I left the back doors wide open.  Not just the screen door that catches on the pavement because the frozen ground heaved. I also left the regular door wide open and the interior door from the entry  way into the kitchen.

Granted, I did have help.  As we were finally ready to leave this morning, my daughter decided it was imperative to have her Barbie along and went back to get her.  I took the rest of the kids out to the car, making a mental note (obviously in invisible ink) to go back and close it once everyone was in their carseats.  She came quickly out with the required Barbie and we got everyone buckled in.

We left, nearly backing over the garbage cans at the end of the driveway that must partially block the driveway because of the ginormous snow piles there.

Now we have two beagles, one could find his way home from Florida and one couldn't find our house from the end of the driveway. They are loved, but won't be replaced when they journey to the happy hunting grounds.  So it was with some disappointment that both dogs had not escaped and were barking just as loudly as always when we arrived home.

Surprisingly, despite the ten degree temperatures outside, the house wasn't even that cold.

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