Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Local Author Jamboree at the Book Nook in Montague

Last Saturday, I went to a Local Author Jamboree at the Book Nook in Montague.  It was great fun.  I met some great authors and heard about some exciting books and added two more to my To Be Read List.  Oh dear.

It was a beautiful day and an excellent afternoon for a drive.  Unfortunately, my drive took somewhat longer than I had planned. Yes, I got lost.  I looked at the map and thought I was looking at one road and wasn't.  I ended up making a wrong turn while on my wrong route and was going south and east when I should have been going north and west. I drove around for about twenty minutes, at first thinking I would hit the road soon, then realized I was going in the complete opposite direction.  I pulled over and called my husband. I told him I was lost.

He asked, "Where are you?"

If I knew that I wouldn't be lost, would I? I explained that I was near the highway and knew I should get on the highway, but didn't know which direction to go.  We eventually figured it out and I made it to the Jamboree only fifteen minutes late.

Next time I'll bring a map.

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