Monday, August 30, 2010

The 'I can stand!' Stage

The little one has learned how to pull herself up on things, most notably the side of her crib.

Whenever I lay her down for her nap, she pulls herself up and chucks her pacifier over the side, usually in such a way that it lands behind the clothes boxes stashed under her bed.  Most days, it takes three tries of laying her back down before she falls asleep.  She, of course, can't do this herself because she hasn't figured out how to sit down by herself without hitting the floor or bed very hard. She will stand and cry because she's is stuck.

While not convenient at nap time, the situation has come in handy during the times I need to contain her and do something with the twins but I don't have time to put her in the exersaucer or high chair.  Like when one of them in stomping their feet in a fresh puddle in the living room and the little one is heading straight for it. I can stand her up by a chair and she can't go anywhere. LOL. Or when all she wants to do is crawl down the stairs.  Stand her up next to the cupboards and she's stuck.

Luckily, she's excited enough about standing that she isn't ticked off about her predicament for a few minutes.  My husband thinks it's funny because she looks like she's waiting to be frisked when she's standing next to the cupboards.

ETA: She has discovered that she can move along whatever she is standing next to. She  also attempts to turn away from her support and stand freely.  This is a problematic development.

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