Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Chalk Drawings

The kids have been very excited about sidewalk chalk lately and ask to play with it almost every time we go outside. Mostly their drawings have been slashes across the pavement, then asking me to draw them a road to ride their bikes and scooters on.
This is a great way to file your nails as well. 

They seem to think a lot of my drawing abilities. My son asked me to draw a Brachiosaurus swinging its tale at an Allosaurus. Yeah. He got this instead:

He did draw his own Brachiosaurus. I'm not sure if it is swinging its tale, but it is his first identifiable drawing.

The Little One really likes chalk and tries to make her mark everywhere. Dad won't be too happy about this.  I haven't told him yet. At least it wasn't on the new truck.  We'll just wait until he notices.


  1. I am visiting from Glo Sews and her versatile blogger award post. I have two little boys that love to go outside and play also. We are enjoying the fall weather here. By the way your dinosaur looks great to me
    Two Boys on the Run

  2. I remember using sidewalk chalk with the kids! Good times. Enjoy them now - they'll be good memories, even the chalk on the car.

  3. Jess, thanks for stopping by. We try to go out every day, weather permitting. It gives them a chance to burn off more energy.

    Patty, It's so fun to to see what they draw and what they want me to draw.

  4. Both dinos look great to me! Soon, you'll be able to make snow dinosaurs. My girls love those and snow dragons too.

  5. At least with snow dinosaurs and dragons, their dad will have to show off his sculpting skills. I'm off the hook.


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