Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Dirty Jobs: Coloring Edition

One of our favorite jobs is Dirty Jobs with Mike Rowe.  We love learning about all the jobs we had no idea existed and find new respect for the people who do them.  Some of them are much more gross than changing 30 diapers a day.

But Mike Rowe seems to put up with the icky, stinky stuff with grace, humor and respect for the workers who do the job each day.  Someone asked on Facebook which jobs were totally unromantic and Mike Rowe's name came up.  Most said his job wasn't one of them.  I would agree mostly because of his attitude.

My husband likes to watch because it makes his job seem not so bad.  He's an automotive engineer, so he rarely has to deal with anything dirty, stinky or resembling an animal byproduct (I save that for his time at home. :-)). But at the end of every episode, he says, "I love my job."

Yesterday, the kids were coloring pictures of Disney Princesses.  They are in the stage where they are starting to color within the lines, but everything must be the same color. Usually the color is light pink or red, but this time they chose brown and olive green.  When they finished, I looked at the pictures and had a flash of Mike Rowe during some of the messier episodes. Dirty Jobs with Disney Princesses.


  1. Dirty Jobs with Disney Princesses--what a great mental image that conjured up! Thanks for the smile.

  2. I remember those days! Never could get my son to color! The wadded paper made such a great projectile! Now he is in college and still throwing things at his sister.


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