Sunday, July 10, 2011

Six Sentence Sunday

From my current work in progress Locations of the Heart:

Derek’s countenance sobered.  Whatever it was very serious.  “I have it in my power to make you a very wealthy woman.”

“You represent Elvis Presley’s estate and he actually left Graceland to me?” Minnie knew he’d meant it when he pointed at her during that concert in Vegas right before he died and sang “Love Me Tender.” He longed for her, even though they never met.

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Six Sentence Sunday


  1. Woah, what??? lol

    Very interesting snippet here!

  2. Elvis wants her? Or Derek? Woot! Wanting to hear more on this!

  3. Hi,

    Hee hee. Nice giggle factor in this snippet! ;)


  4. Oh, this is delicious! Can't wait to read more.

  5. Love the touch of snarliness in her voice


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