Thursday, December 9, 2010


My son has been coming up with some serious and unintentionally truthful excuses for not doing what he needs to do.

For not wanting to go to the doctor:
'I'm too crabby to.' - Sorry, crabbiness does not get you out of going to the doctor.  It gets me out of taking you to story time when you aren't particularly pleasant.
'It's too dangerous.' - I believe this was in reference to the chance of shots.
'I don't need to see the doctor.  I just need a Kleenex.'

For not eating his food:
'It's too spicy for me.' - In reference to macaroni and cheese straight from the box and usually gobbled right up.
'It's too scary for me.' - Again macaroni and cheese but with ham pieces.  Okay, so the ham package actually said 'ham and water product' but still... He wanted green beans instead and ate three servings.  I'm not sure who this kid is.

Anything he doesn't want to do. - Go to story time, sleep in his bed, pick up his toys.
'It's not good for me.' - Specifically his bed. Well, if he WAS sleeping in it, it would be good for him. And even better for me.
'I'm too tired.' - See above.  Perhaps if he slept past 5 or 6 am, he wouldn't be so tired.

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