Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Habits They Pick Up

In the last year, the twins have really started talking.  They are putting whole sentences together and even telling stories.  My son's first story involved a plane and where it flies.  It was pretty exciting to see and hear how their minds were processing things.

Now their sentences are getting longer and they are using plurals and past and present tense verbs.  It is amazing how they are figuring that out without me saying 'more than one dog is dogs.'  No wonder this is the best age to learn languages.

Unfortunately, they are also picking up horrible speech patterns from Mom and Dad (Mostly Dad, of course. :-)).

I've found I say 'yeah' a lot.  From my daughter's lips 'yeah' and 'neah' are hardly distinguishable.  Mom needs to work on saying 'yes' more.

My son has picked up my husband's habit of saying 'huh?' after ninety percent of what I say.  My husband claims he says it because I speak too softly.  I blame 'selective hearing.'  And now my son does the same thing and I have to repeat myself all day long.

One of the other phrases my son has adopted from my husband is 'what are we going to do?' He asks this all the time.  He doesn't seem to like my answers of 'pick up toys,' 'do laundry,' 'sweep the floor,' or 'wash dishes.'

Why can't they pick up 'please may I..." and 'thank you' as easily?

*In other news, the little one has just figured out how to climb on chairs.

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