Friday, November 18, 2011

Sweet Saturday Samples

From an untitled work in progress, hopefully a short story: (Barbara is a secondary character in Hauntings of the Heart.)

Barbara adjusted the motion setting on her camera and snapped another shot of the trail. She wrapped the strap around her wrist and wandered a few yards along the road—if it could be called that anymore. Weeds grew up through the middle and crowded in from the sides. A gust of wind caught a handful of leaves and tossed them in front of her. The trees swayed and creaked, sending chills down her spine.

It’s certainly creepy out here. No wonder there were stories, but with the dim light and building fog, she doubted she’d find anything useful tonight.
She took off her glasses to clean them on the bottom of her black turtleneck. The fog clouded them up in minutes. Surveying the woods, she tried to discern the shapes of brush and undergrowth from the darkening sky. Professional investigators would have been better prepared. Tripods, extra batteries, voice recorders, flashlights. The farther she traversed from her car the more items she added to the list of things she should have taken. She’d headed into the woods with only a camera and pepper spray on a dare. 

Any title suggestions?

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  1. This makes me want to know what's going to jump out at her!

  2. Well, of course I need to read more beore i can offer any title suggestions (tounge in cheek!)
    Your sample is packed with intrigue.

  3. So she's one of the ghost hunters, but not a professional? Sounds like a follow up for next Halloween! Like Sherry said, we need to know more.

  4. This is already leaning toward the Creepy

  5. I love the language in this sample--the wind catching leaves to hurl at her, the swaying and creaking trees, the fogged-up glasses. It really makes me feel it.

    I would like to see "Warden's Light" make it into the title somehow...

  6. Why's she out there anyway? Crap, I'm creeped out reading your sample!

  7. Thanks everyone for stopping by.

    I think this is set a couple years before Hauntings of the Heart, so Barbara is just getting into paranormal investigations.


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