Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Coming to an End

In the ongoing story of my mother's farm being sold and her moving, we are coming to the final steps.

She is happily ensconced in her name place.  She had a house cleaner. (I'm jealous, but it's not in my budget.)

The state has now taken possession of the property and is tearing the buildings down.

These buildings were built after a tornado destroyed them a day or two after my brother was born. He was born early and no one had expected him to survive the delivery. Many people from the community helped my parents get back on their feet and their efforts went into many of the buildings.

It seems like such a waste that the barns and silos are simply being bulldozed or blown up. My brother says they will burn down the house soon. I hope the fire department will use the fire for practice putting them out. It will seem less pointless that way.

And that is the last step. The farm will exist only in our memories.


  1. How sad. I hope you have lots of pictures of the place, taken through the years.

  2. We do, Patty. I just wish I had more pictures with my kids there. I tried taking a bunch with my dad's camera, but the film was too old. :-(


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