Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Bucket List

I've seen the Morgan Freeman and Jack Nicholson movie where they made the list of things they wanted to do before they kicked the bucket. I still don't understand what would inspire someone to grab coffee beans out of cat poop and say 'hey, let's use these,' but I also haven't thought much about what I'd put on a bucket list.

I'm not a daredevil-type person, so skydiving or bungee jumping wouldn't make it. Experience an earthquake. Been there, done that. I like to test my endurance, but my children do that everyday and I've already run a marathon. I'd like to do another one some day, but since I've already run one, it doesn't seem like it should be on  my list now.

Someone recently asked what was on my bucket list and I drew a blank. Climb Mount Everest? no. Gamble in Vegas? nay. Swim across Lake Michigan? If it was, it had better be the last thing, because I wouldn't make it. Sure, I would like to travel around Europe and see Yellowstone and maybe Alaska. But the other things I would like to do mostly populate my Pinterest boards. Tie-dying a design on my daughter's shirt with Sharpie markers. Crocheting a rug. Finally getting the shelves built under the stairs... oh wait, that's on my list for my husband.

Beyond that, I don't know. What's on your bucket list and what requirements do you have for an item to bucket list worthy?

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  1. Most of my bucket list involves traveling...Fiji, Australia/New Zealand, Greece, and Ireland. But I really don't need that on my list. Mostly I would hang out with my kids and hubby more.


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