Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Haunted Sewing Machine, part 2

My husband fixed my sewing machine.  It no longer runs by itself.  Well, I've only plugged it in once, but it did no spontaneous sewing during that time.

I am itching to start sewing more.  I recently inherited my mom's filing cabinet full of patterns and after two days of sorting, I have them straightened out.  Some of the patters had been well-used ans scattered throughout her sewing room, so I had to find the envelope and tuck them back in.

Her sewing patterns had been acquired over several decades. Some I remember from flea markets.  Some I picked out for special occasions. Easter. My brother's wedding (eek.). Prom (WHAT was I thinking?) And some she inherited from friends and family.  My favorites were the envelopes inscribed with my mother's maiden name or my aunts' names.

As I sorted through them I recognized dresses from my sister's school pictures and scraps of fabric from my mother's shirts.  I also saw patterns that I had looked at a hundred times while trying to pick out a dress for my mom to make.

My husband was less than excited about the cache of menswear now available to him. Every leisure suit he could ever want - all we need is the perfect double-knit polyester.

He's probably even less excited about the four boxes of dusty paper that now inhabit our guest room, but they bring back so many memories.


  1. I love sewing and have scads of things I need to do, curtains mostly, and some pillows for the couch. Simple things. I have a pattern for a summer dress for my daughter but well, summer's over so maybe next year.

    Problem is I have to clean the dining room table to set up the sewing maching and in order to do that I need to build 3 more closets in my house. Hmmm...some kind of serious dilemma here.

  2. I love old patterns--mostly just to have as I never seem to get around to sewing. Leisure suits I'm not so keen on...

  3. @Tess - they are really cool. There are even some that don't have any printing on them. I almost threw them out until I saw the holes for marking.

    @Anne - I totally understand. I wish I could leave a project out when I can't finish it in one sitting, but there are too many sharp things involved in sewing.


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