Saturday, July 30, 2011

Sweet Saturday Samples

From work in progress, Locations of the Heart (a sweet, small town romance):

 “You’ll never believe who I saw at the Register of Deeds yesterday afternoon.” Edith tossed her purse on the red vinyl booth across the table from Minnie before she scooted into the seat.
Minnie waved to their favorite waitress, Rachel, who balanced a tray of the day’s specials and a half-empty pot of decaf coffee.  She acknowledged them with a nod and headed toward the rear of the dining room.  The rest of the diner was filled with the usual bunch of early lunchers, reminiscing with their cohorts on the morning news, the chance of an early frost and the state of affairs at the zoning commission.  Years of baked-on grease permeated the air and accounted for the signature flavor of the scrambled eggs.
Edith smoothed down her more salt than pepper coiffure and reached for the special card clipped to the jellies. “I didn’t think he’d set foot in Carterville again.”
“Who?” Minnie asked, already knowing the name that would spill from Edith’s lips.
Edith slapped the menu card on the table.  She looked both ways, then leaned across the table.  “Gordon Anderson.”  Edith raised her eyebrows conspiratorially. 
“I had hoped he wouldn’t.” Her stomach roiled.  He’d been here sixteen hours and she was jumping out of her skin at every sound, expecting him to appear whenever she turned her back.  She attributed it to loathing, but it felt like a high school crush. 

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  1. Lot's of questions here to pull the reader in. Great excerpt.

  2. Very sweet sample. Love small town romances. Thanks for sharing.

  3. Looks like there's more than just years of baked-on grease in the air. Like love maybe

  4. Oh, that's fabulous! Want more!

  5. This perfect description of the greasy diner is outshone only by the question of who is Gordon and what did he do? Love it!

  6. Love the "high school crush". Great excerpt! Thanks for sharing. :-)

  7. Nice sample. Hope to see more.

  8. Can't wait to read more!

    Patty K

  9. Oh Minnie! What's coming your way? Thanks for the peek!

    Marsha Ward
    Writer in the Pines

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