Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Downtown Art Hop

Our small town has been working really hard to promote local artists and it has been great fun to participate in the events.  Recently they hosted an Art Hop where the businesses of the downtown featured local painters, potters, jewelry makers, quilters and, of course, writers. It was so amazing to see so much talent crammed into four small blocks.

I spent the Art Hop hanging out with W.S. Gager and J.Q. Rose.
W.S. Gager, Me and J.Q. Rose

W.S. Gager's newest book, A Case of Hometown Blues, was released last week.  I have my copy next in my To Read pile.  Can't wait. 

J.Q. Rose's first book, Sunshine Boulevard, is available on ebook from MuseItUp Publishing. It is light horror and just a hoot. 

The business hosting us had a lovely spread of cheeses and cookies and even wine!  Yummy.

Thanks, J.Q. for the photos!


  1. You're welcome. It was a fun evening. And I HAD to sit right next to the cookies of course. Deee-licious.

  2. How much talent can you put at one table? What a great group of writers!

  3. Thanks Joselyn for promoting my book! The three of us work together to make our books better and the brainstorming that goes on can be very spirited! Joselyn also has some great reads. I love Sucker for a Hot Rod. I have it in both paper and kindle. I just love Judi and her spunk. Not everyone would don a racing helmet just because no one else volunteered!
    W.S. Gager

  4. Thanks for stopping by everyone! Next year Tess Grant will be at the table with us!

  5. Great to see you all here - wish I'd been in town for the event!


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