Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Summer Reading

Last week, I signed the kids up for the summer reading program at our local library.  They are all in the Read to Me category, so my husband and I will actually be doing the reading.  Three kids and thirty books each.  We should read over ninety books bey the end of July.  Shouldn't be a problem as we usually read a few at bedtime (although if bedtime continues to be as early as it has been the last couple nights, we might have a problem.)

But then there's an adult program too.  When I worked at the library, I was in charge of the program and thought it was so easy to read ten books over the ten weeks of the program.  I had time to read two to three books a week. Now, not so much.  It can take me a month to read a book that used to take me a few hours.

Last summer I didn't sign up for the program, thinking I'd never be able to read that many book.  This summer I'm going to try it. I have my iPod loaded with books from my fellow Astraea Press authors and W.S. Gager has a new book coming out in July.  I'm also going to try Altas Shrugged while we're on vacation. (I've heard a lot about it and it's long enough to count as two books. :-)) So I should have a good selection to choose from.

Does your library have a reading program for adults too?  What's on your reading list?

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