Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Opening the Garage Sale

The other day we visited a garage sale and I allowed the kids to pick one toy each.

My son's first choice was a tow truck with all the bells and whistles... literally.  Lights blinked, songs played, you name it. It was $3.  More than I would spend at a garage sale for a toy that annoying.  After more perusal of the wares, he settled on a bulldozer - the perfect price and an ideal toy for the sandbox (so I wouldn't have to trip over it in the house.)

My daughter first wanted a My Little Pony house - too big to fit in the bike stroller- so she settled on a sandwich bag filled with teeny, beany babies.  We left the sale with two happy children.

Two days later, my son asked my husband if we could take our garage door opener over to the house where the sale was and open the sale so we could get the tow truck.

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