Wednesday, May 18, 2011

She's talking!

Having mastered walking, toddler running (walking so fast you look like you're going to trip and your cheeks jiggle) and climbing, the Little One is now working on her speech.

Few of her words are probably recognizable to anyone but me, but her growing vocabulary is sometimes helpful and other times, oh dear. 

One morning she came out with 'genk you' (thank you), cow, NO! and MINE! (with an emphasizing foot stomp).  The thank you was really cute.  I just hoped we wouldn't progress quite so quickly to the more defiant side of the spectrum. 

Her words also show what topics conversations revolve around in our house.  We decided to play in the backyard the other afternoon and I hurried outside with a plastic bad to retrieve the landmines left by the dogs.  The little one was already standing in the middle of the yard, pointing to the ground and yelling, "Yucky, yucky, poop!"

You can guess what was at her feet.  At least, she didn't step in it.

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