Wednesday, April 13, 2011

The Time Change

I used to like the change to Daylight Savings Time and it's still nice to have the extra light in the evenings. Changing the clocks and havoc it wreaks on our schedule I could do without.

This year one of our clocks broke.  Kind-of. It still works, but it's slow, then it stops.  I put a new battery in and it was the same.  I took it off the wall.  It started working fine.

One benefit is that the kids are sleeping a half an hour later. (Shouldn't it be an hour?) And they're going to be at generally the same time. However, all three kids sleep in the same room and up until this point it has been dark when they went to bed.  Now the Little One can see the other two. And she thinks this is fantastic.  She jumps around and throws her blanket and pacifier out of her bed and thwacks her water cup across the bars of her crib much like an inmate in prison.  Her brother and sister, trying to be helpful, retrieve her blanket or her doll or her pacifier for her which results in much giggling, squealing and three kids jumping around in their beds.

When we go in to get after them, we realize that the Little One needs to be changed and the other two suddenly realize that they too have to use the bathroom. For a while this was the only time, my daughter ever acknowledged that she had to go.  Not that she actually did go. Usually after this excitement, they would settle down to sleep as long as the treats for going on the potty were promised for the morning.

If this bedtime routine continues until the next time change, it could be a summer of long evenings.


  1. My Monster won't go to bed until it's dark and it's cutting in to my quiet time. Her bedtime is 8 but she's up until almost 9 now. And she complains she's tired in the morning.

    I hate Daylight Saving Time. They should abolish it.

  2. LOL! I keep mine up until around 10 and he sleeps until 9. It's perfect, but then I need (like NEED) my sleep, so the lack of quiet time is worth it to me. I hope they settle for you soon!

  3. It's been how many weeks since the time change and I still feel like a zombie in the morning? By the time I adjust, it's time to change back. Actually, I like to blame the time change for a lot of my problems!:)

  4. I'm with you Kristi. It goofs things up way more than it should.


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