Monday, April 18, 2011

River Bank

The Fifth Third River Bank Run is now only four weeks away.  Last week I found someone to do the long runs with and it makes it so much easier to do them. We did ten miles and it was awesome.  (Okay she did twelve because she's training harder than me.)

This weekend a busy schedule and SNOW IN APRIL made it difficult to fit a long run in. (Yes, I am feeling wimpy about not wanting to run in the snow and forty mile an hour winds.) I got seven in before it got dark last night, but it was very cold.

Part of the reason, I made it out the door were the conditions last year.  As with every race I did last spring, the week leading up to the race was unseasonably warm, the sun shone and it was downright beautiful.  Then came race day.  Freezing temperatures, snow, rain, gusty winds.  Every single time.  The downpour did let up during the actually running of one race.

River Bank was no different. All week, I had debated about which shorts to wear and whether to wear a short sleeve shirt or a long sleeve shirt that I could take off should I need to. Saturday morning dawned with freezing temperatures, windchill and flurries in MAY.  I wore long pants, a long sleeve shirt and a short sleeve shirt.

I guess it's best to be prepared.  Gotta love Michigan weather.

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