Wednesday, April 20, 2011

"No Breathing for Me"

As the weather is telling us, Michigan has decided winter is not over. It's almost the end of April and we've had snow enough to cover the ground in the last couple days.

Nor are we done with the cold and flu season.  The kids all produced runny noses and cranky attitudes and the little one has the added bonus of goopy eyes.  So does my husband.  His have been diagnosed as pink eye, so I am praying that does not spread to the rest of the household.

Tonight as we were getting the kids ready for bed, we decided to smear them up with Vics.  I put the Vics on a tissue then rub it on their chest because I don't like having it on my hands. The texture is too much like dipping my fingers in lard.  My son was curling up and giggling, "it tickles, it tickles" before I got within two feet of him. He probably ended up with more on his jammies than on his chest.

We told them it would help them sleep better because they would be able to breathe more easily.  My son informed us that he did not like breathing.

I suppose this like dinner when they don't like whatever I've made that they've eaten fifty times. "It's too yucky for me," they repeat. But then they try it and it's "deelishus."


  1. I don't like breathing. How cute. My daughter is the same way with food. "I don't want any." "Mom I'm hungry."

    Hope you and the kids and Hubs feel better.

  2. Thanks Anne!
    They are doing much better today.


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