Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Car Problems

My first car was a doozy.  It looked fairly good, but everything seemed to go wrong on it.  The radiator, the brakes.  An axle broke.  The windshield wipers flew off the windshield during a rain storm on the highway. Then the head gasket blew. I limped it fifteen miles to the mechanic's because I couldn't reach anyone from the pay phone. I doubt there was any oil left in the engine after this. Once that was fixed, I had it back for less than a month and was rear-ended.  The car was totalled.

My husband is a gear-head, so I don't have to worry about this stuff anymore.  He takes care of it.  Anything related to the cars and garage is his responsibility. (I believe washing windows and vacuuming is included in this. He washes the windows and vacuums out the cars, why not the house too?)

Cars seem to have their share of headaches.  What headaches has your vehicle caused you?


  1. and I totally forgot about the multiple alternators and batteries that car needed. Oy. Last car of that make I will ever buy.

  2. I'm impressed you even know the terminology. You lost me at head gasket!

  3. Mostly because those things have broken. Otherwise I wouldn't. :-)


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