Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Saying Prayers

The kids have started saying prayers before meals.  We encourage them to say something simple like "Dear God, thank you for the food. Amen." Some nights we are lucky to get a muffled amen.

Last night was different.  I was getting their food ready while I got ready for my book signing.  I gave them their food and ran into the bathroom to apply some mascara.  I heard my son say "We forgot to pray. Dear God, thank you for the food. Amen." Then my daughter repeated it.  I went into the kitchen to check on them and even the Little One had her hands folded.  It was so cute. It was one of those special mommy moments.

I went back into the bathroom to finish the makeup thing. My son prayed again.  This time he said, "Dear God, thank you for the snow. Thank you for the vacuum cleaner. Amen."  My daughter repeated it. I admired their creativity.

They prayed again. "Dear God, thank you for the vacuum cleaner.  Thank you for pooping on the potty. Amen." Yes, I am thankful for that too. My daughter repeated it but she forgot a few words.  "Dear God, thank you for the vacuum.  Thank you for poop. Amen."

The Bible does say we should be thankful in everything,

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  1. Love this! Were you able to have the book signing? Or did Old Man Winter decide to throw out Mother Nature's scheduled spring weather to ruin the event?


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