Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Rearranging my desk

My husband's birthday was a couple weeks ago and I decided to get him an XBox (with the ulterior motive that I can stream Netflix movies - the problem there being that I could actually watch an entire season of 24 in one sitting. There would be no excuse to go to bed.  And the kids - they're old enough to scrounge a box of cereal, right?  Okay, so this could be problematic.)

Anyway, installation and use of said XBox requires us to move the television.  We have a bonus room upstairs with slanting ceilings that houses our television and a good share of the kids' toys. The ceiling slants from 8 feet on one side to 6 feet on the other.  In the alcove part, the ceiling slants from 7 feet to 4 feet. Just after my husband built a beautiful shelf with perfectly measured spaces for our dvd player, VCR and the TV he anticipates we will acquire, we rearranged the room with the television in the smaller alcove. The couch was against the 4 foot wall and the TV in the corner (not using the exquisitely designed shelves. My husband loves me very much.)

However, with the XBox acquisition, we will need space to do the motions without smacking our head and hands on the ceiling. So we rearranged everything, using the shelves as they were originally intended. And my writing desk was moved into the alcove.  Having the slanting ceiling over my head is a little weird and I can't watch the weather out the window anymore.  I'm hoping that my desk will no longer be the crap-catcher of the room, but that is probably a lost cause.

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  1. update: so after all this, he decided not to get an Xbox. He chose a Roku instead. (Which I absolutely love!! I'm catching up on the last season of Ugly Betty. Will Betty and Daniel end up together? Please don't tell me.)


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