Thursday, February 3, 2011

Playing in the Snow, Snow day part 2

When you get 14 inches of snow, you have to go out in it. Yesterday afternoon, we bundled the kids up - thus severely limiting the Little One's movement- she looks like a pink stay-puff marshmallow - and headed outside.

Since our neighbor had plowed the driveway, it was possible for the kids to walk around there.  Once they got off the cleared area, things got difficult.  The Little One had trouble on the sidewalk.  It had been plowed, but a couple inches of chunky snow were left in the wake of the plow.  The Little One spent most of her time on her bum or her stomach.  When I asked her if she was stuck, she would nod vigorously. I'd set her back on her feet and she'd take a couple steps, then fall on her face again.

The twins would shovel for a bit and by shovel I mean knocking snow off the banks that had been plowed by the  tractor or the snow blower and into the areas that I was shoveling. Then they would attempt a cross country romp. Three feet into the yard, they'd get stuck, sinking into the snow up to their waist. At one point my son exclaimed that his boot was stuck.  I totally expected to pull him out of the snowbank, leaving the boot there.

The kids had a blast and fell asleep almost as soon as they hit their pillows.

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