Thursday, January 13, 2011

Screeching over Socks

Last Christmas, the twins were so excited about the first present that they opened they could hardly be distracted from playing with it to open the rest of them.

This year, since they know the routine, I figured they'd tear through the packages flinging tissue and wrapping paper willy-nilly and we wouldn't know what they opened until the paper had been cleared away.

My son opened a Mack truck fro Cars first and after opening another gift would go back to pushing the truck around the carpet.

The little one was sort of getting the idea she could tear the paper and that was kind of fun, but a tear or two and she was ready for something else.

My daughter, on the other hand, constantly asked for another present and another present.  Finally, she opened a gift that elicited a squeal of delight reminiscent of the Back to School Meijer ads. (If you don't live near a Meijer, the commercial involved two children exclaiming wildly and with much gratitude over school supplies. "You got me glue!" and "Pencils!" The voice-over went on to comment that your kids won't really be this excited about school supplies, so don't pay a lot for them. You get the idea.) She screamed, "Minnie Mouse pajamas!" and jumped up and down, hugging them like they were a long lost favorite animal. (I don't think she even knows who Minnie Mouse is, other than one of her friends likes her. Yes, my children are deprived.) Her next present elicited similar jubilation. A package of socks.

Hope your holidays were as merry.

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