Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Potty Training Update

After the trauma (mine, not theirs) of our attempt at potty training this summer, I am trying again.  I bought the Lightning McQueen and the princess underwear and bit the bullet.  The twins joyfully donned them this morning, my daughter exclaiming about how wonderful pink underwear were.

We were moderately successful.  My son had no pee accidents!  Two number two accidents, but he's getting over the flu and I think his stomach is still a little sensitive. There's hope.

My daughter only had one pee accident, which was much better than I anticipated. However, that was the only time she peed all day (she went from 8 to 2:30!) and she still refuses to sit on the potty long enough to transfer any body heat to the plastic.

And so the battle begins (again).

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