Wednesday, January 19, 2011

The Little One’s a Girly-girl

Generally, I'm pretty low maintenance. Getting all gussied up involves blow drying my hair (with the intent that it is dry, not to straighten it or style it) and putting on lip balm. A really fancy date includes shimmery lip gloss and a swipe or two of mascara. 

So I'm not sure what I'm going to do with my girls. Both have weather-predicting hair. The more humidity, the more curl. So their hair will require more maintenance than mine. 

They're also quite particular. My daughter is dressing herself now and it's rare that I can pick out her clothes for her. I must say she does a better job than her dad whose color-blindness causes him to match light blue socks with pink outfits. She insists that everything match. Pink shirt requires pink socks. Striped shirt requires striped socks. Unfortunately, she only has two pair of striped socks and more striped shirts. 

The Little One has not progressed to choosing her own attire but she is showing other signs of being a girly-girl. She adores jewelry. For Christmas, we got the girls several beaded necklaces and bracelets. The Little One will adorn herself with several pieces and then clap. (She hasn't learned the 'take one accessory off before you leave the house' rule yet.) She'll walk around waving her hands so her bracelets catch the light. If she can't find the jewelry, she'll choose something else – shoelaces, mallets from the xylophone connected with a string – to wear as a necklace instead.

Her most frequently chosen accessories – other than her blanket – are a green purse and a cell phone. The purse is the perfect proportion for her and she carries it over her shoulder or in the crook of her elbow with the cell phone tucked between her shoulder and ear. Rarely is another purse acceptable, causing much consternation with her older sister who also favors the green purse. On the occasions where another handbag is needed to accessorize her ensemble, she has resorted to a white fur muff, a purple felt basket with a penguin on it, and a videotape with the film pulled out for a shoulder strap. (How she managed to open the front door of the cassette and pull the tape out far enough I'll never know.)

I suppose I'll have shopping buddies when they're older, although I imagine the credit card will take a hit.


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