Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Too Many Cookies, Corduroy

The kids have all had their yearly checkups and their shots.

I tried to prepare the twins for their appointment by telling them they what to expect.  They would have to stand on the scale just like Corduroy did in their book Corduroy visits the doctor.  The doctor tells Corduroy that he's eaten too many cookies.  My son had been been to doctor for a sinus infection so he knew the score.  He spent the morning telling me that he was fine and that he didn't need to see the doctor.  He was also too big to get a shot. I couldn't convince him that everyone needs to get shots, even Grandma and Corduroy.  Then I remembered Corduroy gets a sticker after his shot, so I told him he would get a special treat after his shot.  That changed everything.  My son couldn't wait for his shot.

Both kids did fairly well.  My daughter whimpered a little.  My son, a lot more. In fact, he cried most of the evening and his legs were pretty sore.

Two weeks later, it was the little one's turn.  As I told the twins that she had to go, my son said, "She gets shots? I got shots.  I cried."

The little one did cry, but not nearly as long as her big brother.

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