Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Sharing the Misery

A friend and I were discussing the recent behavior of our children.  Her son is three months  younger than the twins and has also entered the 'I do not want that even if I just asked for it' stage.  The twins have been reveling in this stage and so we were able to commiserate.

My daughter will ask for Cheerios for breakfast, then scream that she doesn't want them and try to push them on the floor.  I take them away and five minutes later, she asks for Cheerios again and gobbles them up like they are her favorite food. This happens with chosen food, color of the plate, cups, pants, shoes, dolls, etc.

As my friend and I shared, it gets old fast.  It felt so good to know that our children weren't mutants.  That other three year olds act the same way.  Unfortunately, we had no advice to offer each other except hold your ground and wait them out.  It's always nice to know you aren't alone in your misery

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