Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Julie and Julia

I don't watch many food shows.  We don't have cable, so we don't get the Food Network, but we do get the PBS Create Channel.  However the only cooking shows I catch are Lidia's Italy which features wonderful food and cooking skills well beyond mine. There is another show I've seen occasionally that reminds me not eat anything if I ever visit Sweden.

My cooking skills are best used adding something to water and dialing the phone.

So who knows why I added Julie and Julia to my Netflix queue. As I watched I was intrigued by Julie starting a blog and cooking and could sympathize with Julia's plight in attempting to publish a book.

I also became enchanted with the cooking. The main character seemed to have little cooking experience before she started.  Although she was more courageous that I would be.  I wouldn't dare crack open a Julia Child cookbook, much less attempt to make something out of it.

But her story made it seem like I could.  The good and masterful cooking was not out of reach.  It's encouraging to watch a movie that entices you to test your skills on something new.

I can't say I'll be looking at a Julia Child cookbook anytime soon, but I may try making something that didn't come out of a can or box.

What has encouraged you to try something new?


  1. My mother was never afraid to try something new, and I'm as adventurous. There are so many recipes, so little time.
    My favorite part of the movie was Julia Child's love affair with her husband. Of course, I have a secret crush on Stanley Tucci.

  2. I like Stanley Tucci, too. He is one of my favorite parts of the Devil Wears Prada.


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