Thursday, October 21, 2010


The twins have been anticipating their third birthday for several months.  (I would be anticipating it more, if it actually meant an end to the terrible-twos.)  They remember their Lightning McQueen cake (that I spent hours decorating and they didn't eat) and the blowing out the candles at their second birthday. My son talked about the candles for several weeks.

This year in anticipation of the big day, they've talked about their cakes, snow and presidents.

My daughter always refers to her cake being pink and I fear that I will have to make two cakes this year. We found a strawberry cake mix and will have to devise some decorating with pink frosting.

My son--I think after watching the Land Before Time movie with the 'white ground sparkles--has been talking about when snow would come.  To give him a frame of reference, I said it would be after his birthday. So now he says that it will be his birthday and then it will snow.  I hope he is not too disappointed when snow isn't covering the ground this weekend. (They're only predicting rain, right?)

They thing they've been most excited about regarding their birthday is the presidents.  They did get a couple Lincoln's in a card from Grandma, but that isn't what they were talking about.  They want presidents encased in sparkly paper and ribbons.  I have not been able to convince Jimmy Carter or either of the Bushes to do this and a Clinton just doesn't seem age appropriate. I hope the traceable letters and numbers assuage their disappointment at not getting a president for their birthday.


  1. Happy Birthday, Happy Birthday--a greeting for each 3 year old...Hope they enjoyed the cake and hope there was no snow!! oxoxox

  2. Thanks J Q. No snow yet. And they haven't mentioned it, so I'm not going to either. :-)


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