Wednesday, September 22, 2010

What Must Be Carried

The twins have always been carriers.  Toys, blankets, books.  They always have one thing, if not fifteen.

My son often totes around his wolf puppy, a blanket or two, and his entire collection of Cars cars which includes Lightning McQueen, Chick Hicks, The King, Mater and a car we call Sparky. We know when he is approaching by the thunk of a car on the wood floor and the cry of frustration as he attempts to pick it up and proceeds to drop another.  (By 'totes', I mean in their arms or hands not in one of the many backpacks, purses or baskets we have overflowing the toybox.)

My daughter is the keeper of all things pink.  She must carry a bear or two wearing pink pajamas, the bear's pink blanket, her own blanket (only partially pink), and the bear's book (a copy of Beauty and the Beast with a pink-striped cover).  Occasionally these are accompanied by her baby, her baby's blanket and pillow, her baby's bottle, her baby's ducky, and a Little People person in a purple and pink dress.

Once in a while all of these accessories will be crammed into a clear plastic bucket with the lid snapped tightly shut.  It's a little creepy to see the doll or the puppy peering out of the container.

This morning, my daughter discovered a new way -- and possibly the oldest way known to women -- to carry things.  She had donned her dress-up wedding ensemble, including silver 'glass' ballet slippers, flowered veil, white gloves and parasol.  The shoes, veil and parasol must have become tedious as she took them off and stuffed them in the front of the wedding dress.

Now I've slipped a key in my sports bra for a run, but never considered stashing an extra pair of shoes or an umbrella there.

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