Monday, August 2, 2010

Three Most-hated Words

And my daughter's favorites: My do it.

Anytime I offer to help her with something, she shrieks, "My do it!" This is especially fun while we are potty training. Often she will not sit down on the potty unless she has her blanket, puppy, baby, and bucket or whatever toy is the must have of the day. I can't retrieve any of these items because she must do it.  If I do it anyway, she will take the item back to its original location and then bring it back.  I can't help her put on her clothes or take them off either. I am hoping this is a good sign in the progress of potty training in that she wants to be independent and do things for herself.

Unfortunately, "my do it" often takes decades and detours to complete.  I will probably have to have my hair-colored a lot more often by the time this stage is over. :-)

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  1. My daughter's first complete sentence was "Go away, go away." She wanted to do it (whatever "it" was) herself.
    Hang in there. It will all be a memory someday, which is why this blog is a good idea. It's hard to remember all the stuff they do.


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